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Center Moves: A Peer-Reviewed Archive of Tutor Training Materials 

Vision Statement

Center Moves: A Peer-Reviewed Archive of Tutor Training Materials seeks to support and facilitate communication and community among writing and learning center administrators and tutors by developing a peer-reviewed archive of materials, updated biannually, that new and continuing administrators can draw upon and contribute to as their tutor education and training programs develop and evolve. 

Goals and Purpose

As writing and learning center administrators, we recognize the value of providing high-quality training to our tutors to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to support all writers effectively. We also know that we rarely have opportunities to learn how other administrators conduct training; because of this, administrators, at all stages of our careers, often do not have significant support or models for the “moves” of tutor training and education. 

The purpose of Center Moves is to serve as an archive of peer-reviewed lesson plans and materials, grounded in scholarship, theory, or praxis, that administrators and tutors can use and modify to train new tutors and to support ongoing professional development for existing tutors. This archive will allow writing center administrators and tutors to share and access lesson plans that offer a variety of new topics, tools, methods, materials, activities, and resources for training tutors with varied ranges of experience to work with writers at all levels.

Issue Topics and Call for Proposals

Each issue of Center Moves will focus on two themes within writing and tutoring center training and praxis. The themes of the second issue include:

Training tutors to be mindful of linguistic justice

Submissions for this theme must be designed to prepare tutors to honor the voice and language choices that writers make. Proposals might discuss how tutors learn about the history and formation of standard language ideology, are trained to be conscious of and perhaps work to dismantle the belief that there is one correct version of standard academic English, and/or create space in consultations for dialogue about multilingual writers’ experiences in their institutional contexts.

Training tutors to teach citation formatting

Submissions for this theme must be designed to prepare tutors to work with writers who want help with citation concerns. Proposals might discuss how to train tutors to work with common citation formatting issues, how to guide tutors' knowledge of working with style guides and resources, and/or how to help tutors make use of style guides and resources in consultations to support learning.

Submission and Peer Review Process: 

  1. Individuals/centers may only submit one proposal per issue. Authors will submit a proposal form that offers detailed information about the scope, audience, duration, occurrence, and significance of the training.
  2. After the Submissions Editor reviews the proposal to determine its general scope and relevance to the journal, proposals will be deidentified and sent to anonymous reviewers who will assess the proposal using a review guide and offer comments in response. 
  3. The editorial team will then assess proposals based on reviewers’ feedback. 
  4. Authors whose proposals have been accepted through the peer review process will be invited to develop a full submission to the editors; this submission will include the initial proposal information, as well as the lesson plan and all training materials. 
  5. Finally, the editorial team will review the submission, support a revision process, and make a final decision about publishing the submission on the Center Moves website. 

Proposal Submission Deadline and Form

All submissions for our second issue must be received by January 14, 2024. Deadline extended to Friday, February 2, 2024.

To submit your proposal, please complete our Proposal Form.

You can access a PDF of the Proposal Form Questions as you draft, and can also access our Center Moves Keyword Glossary for more information about the keywords in the form. 

About Center Moves

Center Moves is published and housed by the Rocky Mountain Writing Centers Association (RMWCA), a regional affiliate of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA).

Editorial Board

    • Managing Editor—Erin Zimmerman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    • For First Issue, Acting Submissions Editor-- Juli Parrish, University of Denver

    • Submissions Editor—Olivia Tracy, University of Denver

    • Editors-at-largeLisa Bell, Utah Valley University; Juli Parrish, University of DenverJamaica Ritcher, University of Idaho

      • Reviewers are invited by the editorial board for each issue based on their knowledge of and experience with the issue themes. 

      • Reviewers may include writing center tutors and administrators at various career stages who are in staff roles, contingent faculty roles, and tenured faculty roles.

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